Acrygel Blush Pink 60gr.
Acrygel Blush Pink 60gr.
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Acrygel Blush Pink 60gr.

Acrygel Blush Pink 60gr.

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Product description

I.Am Acrygel offers the strength of acrylic and the flexibility of a gel. This system gives you complete control over your application - you control your speed. I.Am Acrygel is the best of both systems; it gives you more time to sculpt than acrylic does and also cures on demand like a gel. You now have total control and workability when combined with the I.Am Acrygel Liquid and the Acrygel Tool. I.Am Acrygel has no odor and minimal heat spikes during curing.

Features & benefits

  • Hema Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Perfect Control & Workability
  • Ideal for extensions & overlays
  • Does not cure until you are satisfied
  • No odor
  • No Heat
  • Lightweight wearability
  • Available in 9 colors
  • Curing time: 30-60 sec. LED or 2 min. UV


1.Prepare the natural nail with a manicure as usual.

2.Apply a thin layer of I.Am Air Dry Bonder onto the surface of the natural nail.

3.Determine the size of the bead of I.Am Acrygel that you need. Gently squeeze into the tube and cut with the Acrygel Tool.

4.Place the small bead of Acrygel on the nail. Dip the Acrygel Tool into I.Am Acrygel Liquid. Make sure the brush is damp, not completely wet. Gently spread the bead of Acrygel over the entire nail while avoiding the cuticle.

5.Curing time: 30-60 sec. LED / 120 sec. UV light.

6.Remove the sticky layer with the I.Am UV Cleanser or the I,Am Universal Cleanser .

7.File the nail in to the shape of your preference and finish with I.Am Soak Off No-Cleanse Brilliant Top.