Gel Polish “Frog”

Gel Polish “Frog”

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Nail gel polish - for a perfectly beautiful and long-lasting manicure. A high-quality, perfectly consistent polish that is a pleasure to work with. It is sufficiently viscous to not run into the cuticles, yet not too thick, so it spreads smoothly and evenly over the nail surface. A thin layer is enough to create a rich, expressive color.

Designed for professional use, suitable for working with UV and LED lamps. Can be used for both natural and artificial nails.

Nail Gel Polish

A wide selection of colors will delight even the most demanding client. The 'La mani' team has carefully selected 18 luxurious and high-quality shades, which are very practical and perfect for those who prefer subtle, earthy tones as well as for those clients who like brighter, attention-grabbing nails or sparkling shine.

Thanks to the gel polish, clients can enjoy a beautiful and neat manicure for several weeks until the natural nails grow out. When the polish hardens, it strengthens the natural nail, providing prevention against nail breakage or peeling, even for those with soft natural nails, with the help of this polish and other used tools.

Main features of the gel polish

'La mani' gel nail polish is sold in screw-cap bottles with a brush. The brush makes it very convenient and easy to apply the polish. When not in use, keep the bottle tightly closed in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight. The assortment includes a choice of 18 gel polish colors: Viva magenta, Glam moonstone gold, Glam moonstone, Tawny birch, Lila pink, Chive, Smoke, Amarena, Midnight blue, Elephant grey, Cherry, Romantic, Quetzal green, White, Magenta, Deluxe red, Dark nude, Black. How to use: If necessary, remove the client's previous polish or gel. Buff, shape the desired shape, push back, and remove cuticles. Clean the nail with a brush, removing any dust. De-grease and prepare the nail, for which we recommend using 'La mani' adhesion liquid. Apply a thin base coat to the nail. Cure the nail in the lamp for hardening. Apply the desired color gel polish to the nail and cure it in the lamp for hardening. Finish the manicure with a topcoat.

Base curing time:

  • The polish cures in 90 seconds under an LED lamp.
  • The polish cures in 120 seconds under a UV lamp.