Hard Cover Base Coat 15ml.

Hard Cover Base Coat 15ml.

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A product with exceptional features. Designed for professionals seeking maximum results. Maybe you just want to try it? Or are you looking to have a wider selection of bases and constantly update your arsenal of materials? Don't delay, this product is just for you! We emphasize that the characteristics of the bases remain the same, only the volume and the design of the container differ.

One of the whitest colors on the market. Perfect for those who want a special feeling of cleanliness and light. Viscous texture, easy to apply, with strong hold.

Product features:

Viscous consistency, not flowing to the edges of the nail.
Easy and fast modeling.
Suitable for architectural smoothing of the nail, coating before the use of polygel or gel polish, instead of gel polish. Suitable for long nails during correction.
The LED in the lamp freezes in 60 seconds.
Suitable for sensitive nails, does not heat up in the lamp.
It is applied with your favorite brush.
Volume - 15 ml.