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Bright days of summer in a bar of soap – Kids Calendula Soap! The smile of a garden – calendula – has been in medicinal use & favored for its cheery colour since ages. Our handmade, cold process Kids Calendula Soap is created from carefully selected oils: coconut, castor, & more. Enriched with ivory-coloured shea butter, it provides that extra touch of softness & creaminess, completing this soap as a skin-loving option for kids.


Calendula flower pow(d)er contains a lot of carotenoids & is rich in vitamin C. Calendula is also a brilliant source of flavonoids & saponins. Cold-pressed coconut, castor, & other oils are the real skincare heroes high in antioxidant capacity. They are pure, effective, & have a long shelf life.


Kids Calendula Soap:

  • promotes healing & keeps the skin healthy,
  • has antifungal & antibacterial qualities,
  • helps to prevent various allergies & inflammations,
  • is beneficial in keeping the skin firm (protecting collagen & elastin levels),
  • works wonders for troubled skin,
  • protects the skin against environmental pollutants,
  • improves the overall appearance of your skin.


To make handwashing & bathing stress-free for children, as well as for parents, Kids Calendula Soap comes in three playful shapes: heart, unicorn, & rainbow. Please be aware that there is a limited number of each shape in every new batch of soap.


As each soap bar is created using solely natural ingredients, its individual appearance may slightly differ than in the picture & might change over time.