Pastel Blue Rubber Base for Nails

Pastel Blue Rubber Base for Nails

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Key Features:

  • Effectively fills and smooths the nail surface.
  • Suitable for preparing nails before applying any type of gel or gel polish.
  • Can be used as a nail polish substitute.
  • Ideal for sensitive and thin nails.

Description: The Pastel Blue Rubber Base for nails covers and fills cracks and unevenness on the nail surface. This base layer prepares the nails for the next layer of products, such as gel polish or any type of gel for nail extensions. In the "La mani" product range, you will find a wide selection of products for nail extensions. Polygels are suitable for those with weak and brittle nails. One Drop gels are for those with very thin and sensitive nails. TXO gels are perfect for working with problematic nails, such as repairing broken corners, etc. Choosing any of our gels, together with the nail base, will create an excellent tandem that will firmly and lastingly adhere to the nail. Clients will be able to enjoy a perfectly looking manicure until their next visit to the nail technician.

The Pastel Blue Rubber Base for nails is a lovely color that can also be used as a nail polish substitute.

Usage: You can use this nail base before applying gel nail polish. However, it can also be used as a nail polish substitute. The soft pastel blue color of the base covers the nail well, so there is no need to apply another color on top. Simply cover the nail with a top coat and the manicure is complete. For a clean, minimalist look, you can choose a clear top coat. For a unique result, use the "Eggshell" top coat, which creates a speckled appearance similar to a quail egg shell, due to the small decorative details in it. You can find the full range of top coats here.

Main Properties of Rubber Bases for Nails:

  • "La mani" rubber bases for nails are sold in convenient screw-top bottles with a brush. The brush makes it easy to take the required amount of product and apply a thin, even layer to the nail.
  • Keep the bottle closed when not in use. Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Application Instructions:

  1. Degrease and prepare the nail.
  2. Apply the required amount of product thinly and evenly on the nail.
  3. Ensure the edges of the nail are covered.
  4. Cure the base in a lamp.
  5. Continue with the desired nail formation – gel extensions, gel polish application, or simply finish the manicure with a top coat.

Base Curing Time:

  • LED lamp: 90 seconds