Poppamies Chipotle hot sauce-marinade, 150 ml.

Poppamies Chipotle hot sauce-marinade, 150 ml.

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A very tasty sauce made from smoked chilli and garlic! This is a must for anyone who likes to smoke. A gentle but suitably strong aroma combined with plenty of chillies will not leave you cold. The sauce is perfect for dipping and marinating.
The heat of this sauce is middle-class or a little lower and is suitable, with a small reservation, as a table spice for non-extreme chilli heads as well.
Chipotle originally refers to smoked jalapeno, but the name is more or less established for use in smoked chillies in general. There are also e.g. lime and passion fruit.
Suitable for a wide range of cooking!

A very popular and general-purpose medium fire sauce to conjure up a whole new look for your food! 


Use tips:

  • Meat dishes
  • Fish dishes
  • Burgers
  • Tex Mex
  • Table spice



Ingredients: water, habanero, carrot, onion, sugar cane vinegar, Chipotle (4%), salt, lime, acidity regulators (acetic acid, citric acid), garlic, passion fruit juice, thickener (xanthan gum).


Nutritional content per – 100g
Energy – 86kJ / 20kcal
Grease – 0g
(Of which Saturated) – 0g
Carbohydrates – 6g
-of which sugar – 2g
Protein – 1g
Salt – 2,7g


Size: 150ml

Hotness: 4/10

Gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan

EAN: 6430034010043