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Why is this fragrance so special and how does it affect our thoughts, body and well-being?

Sandal trees are small tropical trees.

Naturally found in India, grown in Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania.

Crushed bark is used to extract the aroma, which is collected and dried by a special method.

The odour is obtained by distillation by evaporation.

In India, the sandalwood is considered sacred. This wonderful plant is widely used in incense production, perfumery, medicine.

Sandalwood aroma - subtly soft, warm, long-lasting. Luxurious, balsamic, with the addition of sweetened wood.

Sandalwood oil has been used successfully in the treatment of urinary tract infections as well as cystitis and arthritis.

Helps in the treatment of dry cough, pharyngeal infections, laryngitis, and nervous disorders.

Reduces nervous tension, eliminates anxiety, insomnia, depression.

This fragrance is a light aphrodisiac, increases sensuality, helps to open the purpose - to give benevolent magic.

Burning the incense of sandalwood aroma, people seek the fulfilment of desires, peace and the removal of the negative from the personal space. The smoke permeated by this aroma creates an unusually sacred space.

At the energy level, sandalwood stimulates the sixth chakra.

Helps to give up illusions, is suitable for meditation, opens a deeper connection with oneself.