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A kaleidoscope of positive qualities!


Home is the starting place of love, hopes, & dreams. It’s a safe space, full of comfort & all things lovable, where you can be true to yourself & those around you. True Love Home Candle, a sustainable product, is handmade using ecological soy wax enriched with lemon peel, ylang-ylang, & lavender essential oils. Soy wax is completely biodegradable, free from dangerous additives & chemicals. The wick is crafted from wood & makes a cosy crackling sound while burning.


Lemon peel essential oil enhances concentration, reduces exhaustion & makes you feel energized. Its vibrant aroma & antiseptic properties make it an excellent air freshener. Exotic notes of ylang-ylang essential oil work as a powerful aphrodisiac, boost mood & may have a positive impact on your blood pressure. Lavender essential oil is an embodiment of calmness & has an overall positive effect on your respiratory system.


True Love Home Candle:

  • uplifts the mood & boosts positive energy,
  • may have a positive impact on your blood pressure,
  • is beneficial for your respiratory system,
  • has aphrodisiac qualities,
  • makes you feel energized as well as creates a peace of mind.


Safety Tips:

  • before burning, place away from flammable materials,
  • keep away from children & pets,
  • never leave a burning candle unattended.


As each home candle is created using solely natural ingredients, its individual appearance may slightly differ than in the picture.